Halima Aden masks

Halima Aden Designs Face Masks for Hijabi Frontline Workers

The model is fighting to make hospitals more inclusive

Halima Aden masks

The Coronavirus crisis has exposed many things: the grim toll of inequality, uncomfortable truths about our relationships and the importance of not always being productive, as well as the irrelevance of celebrities. But most importantly, it has exposed just how many women are essential workers. 

One in three jobs held by women is considered to be essential. According to the New York Times, in the USA, 77% of essential workers in health care are women and non-white women are more likely to be doing essential jobs than anyone else.

Although a myriad of brands have recently focused on making masks, for hijabi frontline workers, finding the correct practical mask that holds onto the face can be complicated. This is why model Halima Aden decided to partner with AI tech company Anywear to create matching hijabs and facemasks for hijab-wearing frontline workers.

Knowing the struggles that women who wear the hijab go through —having to privately go to the bathroom to remove their masks from under their hijab—it was important that these face coverings had adjustable bands so it can be worn over the hijab as opposed to behind the ears. Every minute counts when working with patients and I’m super proud we can give a hassle free option to hijab wearing frontline workers”, Aden stated in a recent announcement on her Instagram.


Colour-wise, there is a range of options from pink and lilac to yellow – every colour is pastel-perfect for summer. Made from organic fabrics, the masks are machine-washable and reusable. And for every set purchased, a hijab set, headband or medical cap will be donated to hospitals in need. 

Want yours? Click here.

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