Kai Gerber playing the guitar

Coronavirus Isolation Can Also Spark Positivity and Kindness

The hardest thing we’ll ever go through might end up okay

Kai Gerber playing the guitar

Everyone will agree: isolating is tough. It’s unusual, but most importantly it’s a lonely and stressful experience. And beyond health, some are loosing their jobs and are scared about how they will cope financially too. 

But in the face of adversity, we must remain resilient. Because thinking about the good news and staying positive is what will keep us going. 

So if you’re looking for some Monday motivation to start this new week of isolation feeling cheerful, we round up a few things we should try and be positive about. 

(Re)learning to appreciate the value of time spent with your family
Whether you’re a young parent or an elder child living with your family, most of us have been choosing work over home in ways that are unhealthy and insensitive. Of course, it’s not always a choice, but this moment it is an opportunity to be there for our family and put personal ambition on the side.

Embracing the joy and importance of not being constantly busy
Capitalism has pushed us to work more and consume more. We’re overwhelmed and broke. So why not take this as an opportunity to pause? It’s okay if we don’t want to read books or workout. You don’t need to make the most out of a pandemic. Now is the time to embrace JOMO and finally be happy about it.

Finding solidarity in healthy and supportive connections online
Many surveys have shown how social media makes many young people feel depressed and miserable, or how it’s making us more distant to each other. But right now, social media has become our lifeline. We can check up on people using Instagram DMs, participate in Zoom yoga classes, book clubs or cooking tutorials. We’re proving that living online can be healthy, and it feels great.

Offering small and random acts of kindness to people in need
Whether it’s helping your elderly neighbours buy groceries, making tea for your flatmate, cooking extra portions of food, or just helping friends find the positive, be kind.

Believing a response to climate change is possible and building it
The most important silver lining at this point for our world is the positive effect of lockdowns on the environment. Levels of air pollutants are showing significant drops. But most importantly, what this crisis is showing us is that global responses are possible. Many are realising that changing our systems is in fact necessary. So let’s not go back to normal when this ends; we must continue fighting.

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