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Gucci’s New Lifestyle Collection Gets Us Ready for the New Year

A pop-up store that will fashionably walk us back to school

Remember how exciting it was picking your school supplies back in the days, flicking your fingers through all sorts of stationery and silly gadgets to impress your new classmates. Well, this year is about to feel just the same. Italian house of Gucci has just revealed the opening of a temporary concept store in one of the world’s fashion capitals that’ll take you back to those days. 

Running from September 5 to 17, creative director Alessandro Michele will be introducing a tangent collection of frilled back to school items including monogram pencils, pens, notebooks or even board games and travel wear to gear you up in style for the upcoming academic year.

“When I was a child, going to the stationery store and finding pencils, pens, and notebooks … meant bringing a dream into my daily routine,” said Alessandro Michele in a statement. “They were fine, well-made objects that spoke of craftsmanship and that, though part of my everyday life, were able to give off a magical, mysterious and wonderful aura.” he also added.

Spoiling us with ritzy day to day items, the “Gucci Cartoleria” will showcase a new line of lifestyle products that might, at first sight, seem to stray away from the Florentine house’s usual business but in reality, will be hitting the industry’s new nail on the head through the conception and designing of unconventional yet snazzy items. 

After Louis Vuitton, Acne Studios or even Casablanca more recently, the century-old label also imagined a boutique “like the cave of Ali Baba” steering us back into the mystery and magic of our childhoods. 

Inventive and inspired to create an ephemeral piece of modern art through the experience-lived inside and around the exclusive outlet, here is a quick sneak peek of the chic boutique for those that won’t be lucky enough to trek down to Europe’s boot for the occasion.

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