How to Make Your Brand Go International

Designer Wathek Allal on taking Precious Trust to global heights with a London pop up

If you live in the region, Precious Trust is probably already on your radar. If not, it’s time you add it to your watch-list. Founded in 2017 by 22-year-old Algerian designer and skater Wathek Allal, Precious Trust is the archetype brand born out of Dubai’s burgeoning street culture. Despite a lack of professional training, Allal’s collections are already adored for their mature simplicity, mixing street-wear, casual tailoring and graphic tee shirts.

Last month, he pushed his vision to new heights with his first pop up outside of Dubai, taking his label to London.

Although it always was a dream of his to discover new horizons and make his brand go global, Allal admits he didn’t expect this to happen so quickly, especially knowing that he was unable to get a visa to travel to Europe until last Spring.

“When I got the opportunity, I instantly thought of London to do something”, he says before adding, “I find people in London very open-minded and genuinely interested. There are still misconceptions about Dubai but they’re willing to know more”.

The three-day event (for which he designed an exclusive capsule collection celebrating London life) might have been Precious Trust’s first international experience but it already caught the attention of none other than London singer and skater Cosmo Pyke as well as cult artist Mac Demarco, who attended the after-party.

“I was told a skater girl was spotted wearing full Precious Trust in London the other day”, says Allal discussing how he’s so grateful and happy to see how the event has garnered positive reactions within the London scene. “This is the kind of thing that truly make me happy”, he continues.

As for the sun-drenched lookbook shot by Dubai-based photographer Prod Antzoulis, the two friends decided to keep things authentic and took to the streets to blissfully capture everyday life in the British capital.

In the midst of it all, we caught up with Allal and asked him to share the lessons he’s learned on what it takes to take your brand to international heights.

Don’t expect anything; I had no clue how many people would come to my pop up. I just did it because I passionately wanted to do it and I think that’s why it went well.

Don’t be afraid of failure because the ambition of going abroad if it goes well or not is still a great achievement. 

Reach out to people that are experienced for help and guidance.

Build friendships abroad and social media is a great way to do that nowadays.

Always trust your vision!

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