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James Harden Teams Up with Swiss Watchmaker Vanguart

A partnership that surely will beat the clock.

Swiss watchmakers Vanguart have teamed up with MVP and three-time NBA scoring champion James Harden to become the new Creative Advisor and ambassador of the young Neuchatel-based brand. 

“Vanguart’s team and James have a mutual respect and genuine understanding for each other’s passions. Being from the same generation and sharing values is key to starting this new chapter together. I am convinced that our collaboration will mark the next decade in our segment as James’ play style does on court.” said Axel Leuenberger, CEO Vanguart in a statement.

Founded by Thierry Fisher, Jeremy Frelechox, Axel Leuenberger and Mehmet Korutürk, all leading figures in the industry, the quartet’s savoir-faire has been put to use to craft some of the world’s most luxuriously detailed timepieces. And September 20 marked an important date for the distinctive label as they released their inaugural piece titled Black Hole, retailing at the very daunting price of $320,000. Elegant and refined, the wristwatch boasts a wide range of pioneering mechanical elements as well as innovative silhouettes and creative shapes. 

Vanguart Black Hole Watch


Mehmet Korutürk, Chairman Vanguart, says of the James Harden partnership, “At Vanguart, we are set on designing and producing the highest level of haute horology and we couldn’t find a better partner than James to represent Vanguart. Not only is he one of the most respected and recognizable athletes of our time, but James also brings a unique perspective on style and culture. James will be an invaluable addition to our team. We are thrilled to have James Harden join us.” 

Sophisticatedly simple, this new partnership is one worth to definitely keep an eye on.

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