The Afghan Streetwear Label Taking Over Paris

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Now in their fourth season, streetwear label Ldn-istan has officially taken over Europe by storm.  Founded by Hamdia Aman, Millad Asmaie, the label can be found nestled in the provocative Pigalle arrondissement, catering to both a Western and Eastern market.

Aman and Asmaie both have Afghan roots. Staying true to them, their garments sport Arabic calligraphy, bringing them in balance with their Western backgrounds with minimal designs (such as the occasional mosaic) and modest silhouettes, like the ‘djellaba’ and ‘kameez’.

But rather than abiding by traditional gender guidelines, the label caters to both men and women, with some styles available as unisex. With little layering but generous material, the clothes hang loosely, or as styled in the capsule collection with a hoodie wrapped around the waist.

As for their campaigns—inclusivity lies at the heart of the brand in what is now a capitulating and broadly defined ‘Arab youth’, shooting models from the region and second-generation diaspora.

It’s clear that more than designing clothes, Aman and Asmae are designing for Arab youths, keen to taper the clothes to the young Arabs trailblazing fashion today. It’s evident that Ldn-istan participates in Arab youth culture beyond their clothing. Their parties are not to be missed, complete with DJ sets, cocktails for those who drink and exclusive offers.

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