Nessy Khem Eyewear: The American Brand Digging Into its Tunisian Roots

Shade away from the sun in style

One look at Sidi Bou Said’s white houses and blue-tiled rooftops is enough to be able to recognise its signature style and emblematic architecture. Nessy Khem Eyewear, an NYC-based eyewear brand, is trying to capture and soak itself in the Tunisian village’s lasting spirit. 

Modern and bold whilst infused with references to the creator’s home country and town, the eclectic set of frames that are put forward by the up-and-coming brand come in a wide palette of colours and dyed lenses that could be dearly reminiscent of the multitude of visual flavours many are used to seeing in the Mediterranean.

With such regional aesthetics making their way across the Atlantic, the high-end label, which was founded in 2018, aims to “bridge the gap between classic and fashion-forward styles while uncompromising in its delivery of quality, detail and individuality”.

“As a designer, I was particularly drawn to the power eyewear has in reflecting one’s mood and accentuating elegance, no matter gender, occasion or personal aesthetic,” explains the label’s founder and designer, Nessy Khem. 

“After moving to New York City, I was struck by how essential it is to own a pair of shades that can be used to navigate every situation you’re thrust into while living in a bustling city. Thus, my vision for functional eyewear never compromises one’s character and unique style and gave birth to the first collection of Nessy Khem Eyewear,” she continued. 

With four collections of sunglasses made available on her site, each line features unique handmade designs and vision for fashionable and stylish specs for you to enjoy on a beach or on your way to work.

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