6 Times Princess Diana Nailed the Ultimate Summer Wardrobe

The OG princess rocked cycling shorts decades before Kim


More than two decades after her death, Princess Diana’s influence has lived on, inspiring the sartorial choices of everyone from royals Kate Middleton and Megan Markle, to your favourite celebrities.

And it should come as no surprise, her stylistic boldness made constant headlines in the 90s, with iconic looks like the form-fitting Christina Stambolian black silk dress she wore the evening Prince Charles confessed to adultery gaining a name of its own. The world dubbed it the “revenge dress”, laminating the Princess as a fashion icon. 

Today, the Princess is back to dominating the news (in 21st century fashion, of course) with the internet declaring her its newest source of style inspiration. But rather than putting the spotlight on her most recognizable looks, Twitter’s innermost corners have been flooded with photos of the Princess strolling the streets wearing cycling shorts and oversized sweaters. 

“Princess of Cycling Shorts” declared one user.

And as it turns out, the Princess might in fact be the original hype bae. A quick browse through photos of her streetstyle prove that, and we’ve rounded up our favourite looks for you.

This dad sneaker moment

princess diana dad sneaker moment

Floral bikini with matching sarong in the South of France

Princess Diana wearing Floral bikini

Oversized college sweatshirt and cycling shorts

Princess Diana Oversized college sweatshirt and cycling shorts

The classic white tee and blue jeans

Princess Diana classic white tee and blue jeans

This monochrome baby blue moment

Princess Diana monochrome baby blue dress

Yellow jumpsuit whilst on holiday in Mallorca

Princess Diana Yellow jumpsuit

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