The Algerian Streetwear Brand You Need to Know

Wathek Allal is the Syrian-born Algerian fashion designer behind cult streetwear brand Precious Trust. Wathek moved to Dubai in 2011 – a place he’d been visiting regularly since he was a child, that became his permanent home once the war began.



Six years ago, Wathek—who’s heavily into skateboarding—became more and more involved in fashion (and the now-flourishing art scene in Dubai).



Having grown up with an affinity for drawing and illustrations, Wathek spent the majority of his childhood in and around his father’s fabric shop – so, naturally, a transition into fashion was somewhat expected. “Skateboarding, clothing and art are my biggest influences,” he says, “I always wanted to work in a medium that means I can combine all three elements.”



Another key influence on Wathek’s designs is the complex combination of his Algerian heritage and Syrian upbringing. His latest collection—which he refuses to give a precise release date on—taps into his childhood and upbringing in Syria, combining nostalgic elements like colouring books, but still maintaining Precious Trust’s key design elements: excellent silk fabrics mixed with super-wearable tracksuits and graphic tees that you’ll want to pull straight off the shelf.



Photography by Prod Antzoulis©

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