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If you’re like the rest of us and count exorbitant hours of screen time, now is probably a good time to curate better content. We’ve officially reached the six-month mark of the pandemic, and while keeping up-to-date on the latest news is important— so is taking care of your mental health.

That doesn’t mean you need to go completely off-the-grid, but getting in a good dose of serotonin everyday can counteract at least some damage and distract you from unrealistic bodies and fake lifestyles. For that reason, we rounded up some our favourite, ultra-wholesome accounts to add to your feed and get inspired by. Woosah.


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With only 13 DAYS till our book 📚 hits shelves we are ramping up our sneak peeks 🥰 (Presale in bio 🎉) • Most of the time @Minimalism_Tokyo’s beautiful photos do exactly what they say on the box 📦 Gorgeous minimalist photos from one of our favorite cities on the planet 🇯🇵🌎 • But we are thrilled to have her amazing shot from Vietnam 🇻🇳 included in our book 📖 The story of this beauty combines three of our favorite things: perfect pink façades 💗 roosters 🐓 & fire breathing dragons 🔥🐉 – – – Da Nang Cathedral Da Nang, Vietnam c. 1923 • “Built in 1923, this cathedral was the only church constructed in coastal Da Nang, Vietnam, during the French colonial period. Standing at nearly 230 feet high, this salmon-pink place of worship was originally named Sacred Heart Cathedral but became known as the “Rooster Church,” or Con Ga, due to its rooster weathervane keeping watch atop an immense bell tower. Louis Vallet—the priest who built the cathedral for French residents—maintained that the soaring rooster symbolized St. Peter’s Gospel stories of repentance and awakening.” • “The Rooster is sandwiched between two unlikely companions: behind it is a subtle replica of the Virgin Mary, as depicted in France’s sacred Lourdes grotto. In front, when the rooster faces southeast, stretches Vietnam’s longest bridge—which is shaped, in its entirety, as a tremendous, intricately decorated, fire-breathing dragon, to symbolize power and good fortune. Every weekend by 9:00 p.m., the surrounding area is packed with people gathered to watch as the head spouts fire and water, while multicolored lights illuminate the body, its span winding across the Han river.” • “Whether due to its rare pink facade, its gentle nod to the blessed Virgin, or its proximity to a fire-breathing dragon bridge, this multilingual church has remained an active home for prayer in Da Nang for nearly a century.” • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #Symmetrical #Archigram #AccidentalWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VisitVietnam #VietnamTrip #Pursuewhatislovely

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If you’re a fan of Wes Anderson’s films, you’re going to love this account: a curated collection of beautifully symmetrical buildings and places across the world, all in line with Anderson’s signature colour palette.


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Friday 🤍🌿

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It’s difficult to put into words the joy @mignonettetakespictures’s posts bring you. Just hit follow, and you won’t be disappointed.


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山形県の天童市美術館で開催中の「生誕140周年 熊谷守一展」を観に行ってきました。 * 開催期間: 2020年09月26日(土) 〜10月25日(日) 【展覧会概要】 単純な形態と明瞭な色彩を特徴とする画風「モリカズ様式」で人々を魅了しつづける画人・熊谷守一(1880-1977)。明治・大正・昭和を貫く97年の生涯と70年を超える画業を全うし、その風貌と人柄から「画壇の仙人」「超俗の画家」と呼ばれています。 しかし、この世俗から離れたイメージが独り歩きし、時に作品そのものへの評価と混同されることもありました。そこで本展では熊谷がどのような人生を歩み、どのように絵と向き合ったのか、その真の姿を改めて見つめなおします。画業を辿る上で欠かせない代表作と、近年になって所在が明らかになった逸品を中心に、油彩画・日本画・書の約180点を通して、あるがままの「自分」を貫いた稀代の画人に迫ります。 * 初期の作品から晩年の作品まで、画風の変化が如実に分かって、とても興味深かったです。様々な困難や苦悩を超えて、悟り切ったような潔さを感じました。 子供や虫や動物、音楽を愛し、無理をせず、描きたいときに描きたいものだけを描く。穏やかで温かな人柄が伝わってきました。 熊谷守一をモデルに、山崎努と樹木希林が夫婦役で共演した映画「モリのいる場所」をもう一度観たいと思いました。 * 5種類のリーフレット 購入したポストカード 山形のお蕎麦「一庵」 * 唯一の黄色い服で秋のコーデ💛💚🖤 bon ・シャツ(Sunny Clouds) ・パンツ(GU) pon ・プルオーバー(Sunny Clouds) ・ブラウス(楽天) ・スカート(Sunny Clouds) ・バッグ(agnès b. メルカリ) * * #熊谷守一展 #天童市美術館 #一庵 #夫婦 #60代 #ファッション #コーディネート #リンクコーデ #夫婦コーデ #グレイヘア #白髪 #共白髪 #couple #over60 #fashion #coordinate #instafashion #instagramjapan #greyhair #bonpon511

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Married for almost 40 years, this Korean couple is an internet favourite. Their secret to a lasting marriage? Wear matching outfits every day.


Yes, memes are all great, but they are not created equal. If your mental health is your top priority, you’re better off sticking to this wholesome option.


Who knew mixing paint can be so calming to watch? Curb your anxiety with Annette Labedzki’s daily posts of her crafty ways of paint-mixing.


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We can’t explain it. There’s something oddly satisfying about playing with slime. But if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, just hit follow.


Few things in life are as appealing as symmetry. Here, Adam Hillam, self-proclaimed Object Arranger, posts his wonderful, ultrasymmetrical creations for you to enjoy.

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