11 Things We Need to Leave in 2022

Out with the old, in with the new

A new year equals a fresh start. Nothing feels better than going into Jan. 1 with a clean slate, and freeing ourselves physically as well as mentally from things that no longer serve us. One of our favorite things to do before the clock strikes midnight is reflect on the past 365-days and ask ourselves: Is this worth holding onto? With a mere 10-days left of the chaotic year that has been 2022, we look back at some of the things we need to leave behind as we enter 2023.  

“POV: You’re dating an Arab” TikToks

Anytime these kind of videos show up on our FYP, it’s either a girl crying without any context, getting verbally abused by her boyfriend on iMessage, being spoiled with overly expensive gifts, or a strange combination of all three. 

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Talking stages

Enough. I don’t know how many “what’s your favorite color?” I have left in me. Like, do you want to get married or not?

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Let’s be real: BeReal is really boring. The Gen Z-centered app was created as the antithesis of Instagram by encouraging users to show their lives as they really are by only allowing them to post during random, two-minute time increments during the day. But, all it does is make people’s lives look bleaker than they actually are.

“How can I be homophobic?…”

I literally never want to hear this combination of five words ever again. You have ten days to wrap it up.

Relationship podcasts

A microphone, headset, and two of your closest guy friends sitting next to you does not make one qualified to hand out relationship advice.

Pete Davidson discourse

We get it, he dates hot women.

Shein hauls 

We’re literally destroying the planet for a couple thousands views on TikTok :(

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Celebrity beauty brands

I can’t think of any possible reason why Brad Pitt should have a skincare line. Yet, here we are. I would like to give a pass to Selena Gomez though, because RARE Beauty slaps.

The cut-out fashion trend

BBL clothes AKA tight dresses slashed and held together by a single string are a marketing scam created by manufacturers who want to use the least amount of material possible while selling to consumers for luxury prices in the guise of style propelled by Instagram baddies. In this essay I will…

Elon Musk and/or Kanye West

As our staff writer Yassine put it, it’s time we send our salams to them both. 

The “female gaze”

DOES NOT EXIST. Let’s please retire this phrase for good.

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