Kamel Lazaar Foundation is Offering Tunisian Artists Grants During Coronavirus

Calling all artists, musicians, and filmmakers

Coronavirus isn’t just threatening our health. It’s threatening our jobs. With businesses closing everyday, young professionals are increasingly stressed out and overwhelmed about their future. But for independent artists who aren’t generally eligible for unemployment benefits, the question is: “how are we even meant to survive?”

In Tunisia—where 455 people are officially infected and 14 patients passed away—the Kamel Lazaar Foundation (under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture) vows to support artists.

The initiative, known as “Culture Solidaire” (“United Culture” in English) will donate at least 3,000 DT to each Tunisian artist living in Tunisia from any discipline.


“We want to encourage artists to (re)think creation and its diffusion in an uncertain time”, declared the KLF in a statement.

Interested? Apply before April 12 here.

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