Baby botox trend

What is Baby Botox and What are the Benefits?

Favoured by influencers, this is the cosmetic trend to watch

Baby botox trend

Duck lips, emotionless faces and raised eyebrows – these are all Gen X cosmetic faux pas of the past. Thankfully millennials (and even some Gen Z) have learned from the previous generations’ mistakes and cultivated a far more delicate approach to cosmetic surgery. 

Say hello to Baby Botox. Two words that shouldn’t be said together, but actually make perfect sense.

Favoured by influencers, models and actresses, Baby Botox is a testament to how the cosmetic industry has transformed over the last few years. Forget Kardashian-esque contouring, and think refined, barely-noticeable skin-perfecting tweaks.

Your early 30s is a good time to start,” says Dr Sara Vasdev, one of London’s top cosmetic doctors and the co-founder of Skin & Sanctuary, a slickly designed aesthetic clinic located in Victoria Park. “It’s basically best used to prevent the formation of wrinkles and improve the general quality of the skin. It’s around that age that you start seeing a few little fine lines, so it’s a good time to start.”

Having spent many years on Harley Street, in some of the city’s most prestigious clinics, Vasdev specialises in aesthetic treatments that look and feel natural but more importantly –she doesn’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach to aesthetics. 

Skin & Sanctuary baby botoxBy using smaller amounts of the injectable, placed strategically in problem – or preventative – areas, Vasdev’s results are impeccably natural. And with a steep rise in tweakments and cosmetic injectables, Baby Botox (which also improves the general quality of the skin as well as ironing out fine lines and wrinkles) could actually be the ultimate skin solution for millennials looking for a preventative treatment that’s unobvious to even the trained eye. 

“I hate the word freeze, I prefer softening,” Vasdev says of the notorious term that’s usually tagged to Botox, “Baby Botox is just to hold them where they are. It also has a secondary benefit as well; when you inject it beautifully you get this really lovely improvement generally of skin quality. You can achieve movement in a way which looks incredibly natural, but you get that improvement of the skin’s appearance both inside and out.”

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