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Balenciaga and Fortnite Reveal Unexpected Collaboration

When two worlds meet

How many times has a renowned fashion house hit up the gaming business to team up? Although there’s only been a handful of times where haute couture has sown itself into the digital world, collaborations have up until now been rare. But, the patchwork between both realms needs to be tightened, and Balenciaga has officially given the idea a shot.

The brand got the gaming pad passed by the American video-game hit Fortnite for an unprecedented line of clothing, having just revealed an online and real-life collection to their much, what surely will become, sought-after association.

Released on September 20, a virtual selection of virtual goodies, outfits and accessories will be available online through Fortnite’s marketplace. The collection will feature the familiar (this time computerized) Triple S sneakers, alongside a slew of other pieces.. 

Purchasable through virtual stores in the game, limited-edition products will also be designed in real life to celebrate this pioneering first with hoodies, shirts, jackets, and caps forged with the iconic Fortnite and Balenciaga logos spelt out across them. 

It wouldn’t be hyperbolic at all to say that both brands have seen things big. Through a series of temporary events located in several global cities like New York City, London, Seoul, and Tokyo, the day-long experience will be based around a campaign titled Strange Times – a hyperreal introduction to the association that many fans will know how to thoroughly enjoy.


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