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In Conversation With GXR Records, the Indie Label That’s Expected To Rock the Region’s Music Scene

Your new favorite record label

Last month, Dubai-based esport organization Galaxy Racer revealed its latest partnership with music industry giants EMPIRE. An ode to both the realms of music and gaming, the two parties just launched GXR Records, a label that will foster the growth of emerging and established artists in the Arab world and seek to cement the UAE’s position as the undeniable capital of culture and music in the region. 

Unique in essence, the recently founded venture already boasts a rich portfolio of signed talents and highly esteemed collaborators. Promising from its early days, GXR Records benefits from EMPIRE’s impressive legacy while building on Galaxy’s already existing catalogue. 

The regional industry’s newest player will be led by award-winning artist manager Elia Mssawir and coming with a stellar team of signed prominent figures including the likes of Freek, Noel Kharman, Dyler, and Noor Stars amongst other pioneering names. 

With the intent of bringing new light to the region’s sonic scene, we sat down with Mssawir for a quick Q&A  to learn more about the Arab world’s potential next big catalyst.

What is GXR Records?  

GXR Records is a modern independent music label, or what I like to call “The Facilitator” for artists in the region and Asia. We launched GXR Records a month ago to create new opportunities for artists here, and try to make a difference in this challenging industry. We are able to develop opportunities for artists like no other music company can; giving them access to a new world within the music business and trying to expose them to a global audience.  With our partners in the US, EMPIRE Records, we can reach a crowd that most artists here are dreaming to reach. 

Where did the idea of mending the worlds of gaming and music come together?

Music has been part of the gaming world for decades, and currently, music is a major player in how games are being built, and how much detail goes into this work to generate an amazing outcome for every game.  Galaxy Racer always had a vision to integrate music with what they do, and after hard work and collaborative efforts, we officially launched GXR Records as the official music division and management in MENA and Asia.

 What gap do you hope to fill? 

GXR Records is a culmination of an ambitious desire to invoke change within the music and artist management industry,  to raise the industry standards, and to ensure that each and every artist is advocated for and represented. It is a vision to help local artists reach global success and make music from our region recognized in the mainstream.

How did the collaboration with EMPIRE come to life? 

EMPIRE’S work in the WANA region for the past year has been great, from supporting regional artists, to creating moves, and introducing the global audience to Arab and Asian artists.  It was a no-brainer that we wanted a partner that shares the same goals that we do, and EMPIRE have successfully come through with their support and helping our artists with global exposure.  

What path are you looking to carve in the region’s scene? 

GXR Records is more than just a music label.  We provide global facilitations for artists and talent. We commit to each and every individual and take their careers and success deeply personal. We are here to ensure the artist’s career is managed with ease, we commit to the branding and PR behind our talent, and we keep our agreements simple to ensure our artists feel comfortable and confident in GXR Records as their label. 

How do you pick the artists you sign? 

There are many talented artists out there, but what we look for is the commitment these artists have for themselves and their craft.  We like to support artists who are consistently working hard and releasing music.  They need to be dedicated and focused to grow. The more commitment they have for themselves, the more we will both see and reciprocate that. 

What’s next for you?

We have incredible and innovative plans in progress for the immediate future. We are focused on cross cultural collaborations between the Middle East and Asia, many of our artists will announce scheduled tours for 2022-2023, and you can anticipate festival and event announcements. We are excited for our artists, we are excited for the future, and we can’t wait to share our journey with you all, every step of the way.

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