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5 Exercise Gurus That Will Coach You Through Ramadan

No reason not to work out

exercise guru instagram

As is the case for everyone, Ramadan is always a good opportunity to do everything better. Exercise is no exception. It’s the perfect time to take your health to the next level. After all, you’re fasting 70 per cent of the time, cutting your daily calorie intake by something close to a third and cleansing your body from all the toxins it has collected throughout the past year. That’s what happens in theory, but in practice, the reality of Ramadan can be quite different if you don’t pay attention. 

Of course, the lack of food means a lack of energy. Usually, that leads to passing out on your couch after Iftar. With such hearty and rich meals served at sunset, constant snacking until sunrise and close to no physical activity all day, Ramadan can be pretty detrimental if you’re not careful. 

But if you’re cautious, it’s also a great opportunity to implement even just a bit of exercise. Luckily enough, we live in an era where fitness resources can be found all over the internet and social media—so it’s not all that difficult. 

Confident and optimistic about the upcoming weeks of self-reflection and fasting that are about to be upon us, we’ve rounded up our favorite health gurus to coach us through it.  

Rebecca Odeh


The Amman-based fitness expert Rebecca Odeh happens to be a world Guinness book record holder. The former ambassador of PUMA in the Middle East is credited for the longest video chain of people (464) passing a water bottle around. Her own fitness camp has gained a reputation for itself in the past years and seems like a must visit for the most dedicated out of us. Putting her native city of Amman on the map, the young trainer’s short and seemingly almost effortless drills are to check out and try during the next weeks of fasting. 

Ruba Ali


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Gathering a community of almost two million followers on Instagram alone, the one that got introduced to fitness in her early teens in one of the industry’s most-followed in the region. The certified personal trainer has dedicated her love to the science of sport and exercise and is a real juggernaut of knowledge and tips for works outs although it’d probably be best to save her training for after Iftar session considering the intensity of her drills.

Haya Sawan 

Hailing from Saudi, Haya Sawan is not your usual fitness girl. The Nike ambassador is also an entrepreneur interested in all health, fitness and well-being things. Founder of her own gym, the powerful and captivating content creator will teach you to move your body in relaxing positions that will prove to be more than needed during Ramadan.

Omar Al Duri


The part-Iraqi part-Saudi coach has more job titles than most in the game. A radio host, a personal trainer and a nutritionist, the Dubai-based sportsman is inspiring and will always find the right words to try to push yourself further. The award-winning gym shark was also sitting at the helm of Ghana’s under-20s football team as head coach. Linked with some of the world’s most successful athletes, his interviews and insights on “The Half Time Show” are one’s that will know how to motivate you through your fasting days. 

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