6 Genderless Arab Brands You Need to Shop

For as long as it’s existed, fashion was defined by gender and patriarchal behaviours. Dresses and skirts were exclusively made for women whilst the sharpest tailoring was only found in the men’s sections. The line between femininity and masculinity has typically been deeply boldened by our sartorial choices, subconsciously enforcing gender inequality. Not anymore. 

Inclusivity is now at the forefront of every fashion conversation, and brands and designers are taking on a different approach to design, creating clothing without a gender in mind. Long gone are the days where men’s and womenswear are worlds apart. Gender-neutral fashion is becoming the norm. 

Much of it is thanks to emerging independent labels that are striving to blur the lines between femininity and masculinity all while creating super-wearable and ethical clothes.

Looking to up your gender-fluid wardrobe? We’ve rounded up the best genderless Arab brands changing the game. 



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“Everyone should be able to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, be who they want to be, and just buy whatever they feel empowers them,” Anwar Bougroug told us. When he founded his Marrakesh-based eponymous brand, his philosophy was fundamentally based on creating genderless silhouettes and sizing, as well as challenging toxic masculinity in the region. Bringing together Moroccan aesthetic and Scandinavian culture, Bougroug’s minimalist designs, neutral palette and soft tailoring play subtly with the limitations between femininity and masculinity. Their oversized gender-neutral shirts and loose-fit blazers are a seasonal must-cop.


Not only is Parisian brand Basscoutur a pioneer in upcycled clothing, it also takes gender-fluid fashion to another level. French-Tunisian founder Riadh Trabelsi creates reimagined androgynous silhouettes that move away from the classic minimal unisex clothing. Manufactured in Tunisia entirely out of deadstock clothes and fabrics, Basscoutur makes sharp tailoring, genderless recomposed silk shirts and covetable streetwear like no other.

Precious Trust


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With their genderless head-to-toe tracksuits and minimalist tees, Precious Trust has been taking Dubai by storm since its launch in 2017. Helmed by Syrian-born Algerian skater Wathek Allal, the streetwear brand merges his dual heritage with his love for skateboarding. Loose-fit tailoring, ultra-cool graphics and hand dyed pieces, the brand has it all.

Shabab International


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No other label has cemented its print in the region like Shabab International. Having been around since 2012, the community-driven label has been co-signed by everyone from Dubai to Tunis. Founded by Iraqi twin siblings Chebmoha and Zaineb Hasoon alongside Omani photographer Chndy, Shabab’s signature unisex bowling shirts, cool graphic tees and ultra-comfy tracksuits are designed for any shape, gender and size.

Boyfriend the Brand

“I sometimes buy womenswear and see women dressing in men’s clothes, there should be no rules,” Boyfriend founder Amine Jreissati told us. Ever true to his mantra ‘Minimal, subliminal and gender invisible’, the Lebanese-Brazilian creative director and stylist disrupts regional traditions through minimalist design, oversized silhouettes and covetable wardrobe essentials.

From unisex leisure wear to genderless shirts and separates, the Beirut-based brand is your ultimate go-to for comfort and effortless elegance.

Raw Studios


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If you’re short on minimalist wardrobe basics, you should definitely check out Raw Studios. The Kuwaiti brand founded by Mohammad Al Rashed creates gender-fluid classic tees, track pants and loose-fit shirts, drenched in a warm earthy palette inspired by the country’s landscapes. They use raw and ultra-durable materials that’ll make those everyday-wear pieces last forever.

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