Aerials netflix

Netflix is Releasing its First Arab Sci-Fi Movie

Say hello to Arab futurism

Aerials netflix

When it comes to the region’s film industry, there’s no shortage of comedies and dramas to delve into. But when it comes to science fiction, the genre has been practically non-existent in our region. Until now. 

Aerials is the first ever Emirati sci-fi film, and it has just been picked up by Netflix. The film, which was first released in 2016, was filmed entirely in Dubai, features visual effects that rival Hollywood blockbusters. 

Directed by S.A Zaidi, the film portrays an alien invasion over the city of Dubai. For the first time ever, the silver screen sees spaceships hover over Emirates Towers and the Burj Khalifa. A major feat for Arab filmmakers, the film, produced by Ghanem Ghubash, took three years to produce. 

But it’s more than just your average sci-fi flick. The film also taps into themes of culture and identity. Its protagonist Omar, is married to a western wife, and the film sees the couple trapped inside their home, navigating their cultural differences. 

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