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Kim Kardashian

10 Pop Culture Icons You Didn’t Know Were 40

You may start to feel a little old.

Kim Kardashian

If you’re anything like us, you’re still under the impression that the 90s was ten years ago and 1970s happened just thirty years ago. We call the unofficial phenomenon the ‘millennial time warp’. 

With it comes the disillusion that our favourite pop-culture icons never age, despite immortality completely going against biology. But it’s time for us to accept reality. Our favourite Arab singers and the most iconic footballers are not only mid-age adults, they have children already in their 20s. 

And whilst they’ll remain forever young in our minds, we rounded up the most iconic figures of modern pop culture that are actually over 40 years old today. 

Kim Kardashian West, 40

The selfie queen just celebrated her 40th birthday yesterday and we can’t believe it’s been 9 years since she cried over losing her diamond earring in the ocean.

Macaulay Culkin, 40

That’s right, remember that little boy from Home Alone that you’d watch every Christmas? He’s now 4 decades old – take some time to let that sink in. 

Haifa Wehbe, 48

The Lebanese singer’s age is in fact closer to be rounded to 50 – think about that the next time you listen to her 2006 hit single ‘Wawa.’

Eminem, 48


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This is not a relapse! #Godzilla Video Premiere with @lyricalemonade for your viewing pleasure – Link in bio

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And his daughter Hailie is 24. Now we really feel old.

Amr Diab, 51


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#AmrDiab performed last night a private event in #Cairo

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The iconic Egyptian singer is old enough to have a mid-life crisis.

Shakira, 43

*Praying we can shake like that at 43*

Channing Tatum, 40

Yup, the Magic Mike superstar was 32 when he first whisked us away with his dance moves.

Nicole Scherzinger, 42


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Rise and shine ‍♀️☀️ It’s PREMIERE day!! #TheMaskedSinger

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Don’t cha wish you could bring back the Pussy Cat Dolls? 

David Beckham, 45

Even more surprising, his fashion designer wife and mother to 5 children is 46!

50 Cent, 45

We would play ‘In Da Club’ at every birthday celebration, yet we had no idea how old the hip hop artist was till this moment!

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