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Omar Sharif

Making the Case for the OG Masters of Flair

From Abdel Halim Hafez to Farid Al Atrach

Omar Sharif

Who hasn’t fallen under the charm of Omar Sharif’s immaculate dapper dan looks in the iconic Funny Girl, or his sophisticated plaid camel suit worn on his 1968 GQ cover? The international Egyptian star‘s perfectly-cut tailoring was a hallmark for men’s style, marking a sartorial era for the Arab world’s golden age.  

However, menswear has come a long way with streetwear’s dominance. The movement has undeniably shaped how newer generations dress, with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, Heron Preston’s eponymous label, and Kanye West’s Yeezy catapulting the rise of the hypebeast.

This doesn’t mean though that the era of elegant tailoring is coming to an end. Thanks to Harry Styles making the case for flared pants or 70s style Gucci suits and Kim Jones taking the tailoring game to endless heights with his Dior Men collections, it seems like the ever-elegant well-dressed style is making a major comeback.

If you’re looking to up your tailoring game, look no further than right here at home. From Abdel Halim Hafez to Omar Sharif, there’s no better source of inspiration than the Arab world’s own OG masters of flair. Here we’ve rounded up our favourite looks from the most elegant Arab male figures.

Habib Bourguiba’s perfectly-cut three-piece suitHabib Borguiba

Abdel Halim Hafiz is all about prints

King Hassan II approves bling and Victorian loose bow ties
King Hassan II

Omar Sharif’s black velvet details tuxOmar Sharif

Anwar Wagdi’s preppy sweater lookAnwar Wagdi

Farid El Atrache can pair polka dots and pinstripesFarid El Atrache

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