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Tracing the Undeniable Rise of Instagram Thrifting

We’ll never have to leave the house again.

instagram thrifting

I wholeheartedly adhere to the idea that thrifting unlocks a forgotten part of our hunter-gatherer psyche. Going through rails and rails of forgotten clothing just to find that pink crop-top someone’s mum wore in 1997.

Boethius, author of the Consolation of Philosophy said that, “It’s my belief that history is a wheel; ‘rise up on my spokes if you like’, says the wheel, ‘but don’t complain when you’re cast back down into the depths’.” Ergo, good clothes pass away, and so do the bad. Mutability is our tragedy but it’s also our hope. Our fashion faux-pas, and our most iconic moments are always passing away. 

Sure, maybe you’ve questioned the ethics of thrift flipping. And maybe you’ve been slightly overcharged for that 90’s Burberry jacket you found, but by high street average, thrifting takes the cake in terms of value for money. 

The risk to reward factor varies greatly depending on where you shop. Every country has its own hidden gems. However today we’re focusing more on the online realm. 

To better understand how it works we spoke to Seif El Attar, the owner of Cairo based page VECCHiO for his inspiration and how he got started.


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“I first got into it around 2014 when I moved to Italy to study. I was always keen on going to a flea market that happened every Sunday where I always found a couple of thrift vendors,” he says. “I moved back to Cairo in 2014 and there was a lack of thrift stores as we know it now, surely El Wekala has always been there but it doesn’t serve the market that we do. We saw the chance to fill that gap and we seized it. Along the journey I became much more aware of the environmental effect that fast fashion has on the planet and that was another huge driver for us.”

And Saif isn’t alone; there are many people like him with similar stories from around the region. United by style, environmentalism and a good bargain we decided to list our favorite thrift IG’s from the region.

Les Filles Du Soleil, Tunis

Les Filles Du Soleil do thrifting right. Their account is seamlessly put together curating selected fashionable pieces from the likes of Balenciaga, Valentino and others high end names. They look great, they make us feel great. A definite follow for any one from Tunis or the local area.

Depot-Vente, Beirut 

Depot-Vente are more of a cultural hub than just a thrift store. A quick glance at their content will show you that they’re not limiting themselves to just the world of thrifting, but they’re also open to showcasing stylists photographers, if Lebanon is the gem jewel of the region, then Depot-Vente sits as arguably the best thrift IG that the Ceder State has to offer.


Spring Flows, Kuwait City


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Kuwait is a next level kind of city. The food is great, the lifestyle is one of the best in the world, and everyone looks great. So it may seem a little curious as to why Spring Flows is on the list. Well it’s simple, Spring Flows perfectly embodies a thrift store experience. As you walk into their doors, you will find everything from designer shoes, to south Asian dresses, we even found homeware the last time we visited, and for a good price too! Okay, so it’s not specifically an IG account but it’s in the list. For any Kuwait resident, it’s a must follow!

Retold, Dubai


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Dubai has a lot to offer when it comes to the world of fashion, with their recent events Dubai has established itself as the capital of cool for the area. Even thrifting in Dubai hits different. Retold looks and feels like a concept store, from its design to the pieces it lovingly stocks across 2 floors. You need a stylish evening dress but don’t want to sell a kidney? Go upstairs. Want to find vintage gems and preloved highstreet labels, that’s downstairs. Whatever floor you’re on, you’re in for a treat. Retold for life.

Desert Thrifting, Riyadh

Riyadh, much like the rest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is changing, and rapidly too. The world of thrifting in the kingdom is no different. Desert Thrifting promises to bring fashionable old vintage pieces to its customers. With stylish options to choose from. Our number one for KSA, drop them a follow and a like.

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