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Nike Air Max Day Done Right

We sat down with female sneaker enthusiasts

This year’s Air Max marks the 34th anniversary of the iconic shoe. To mark the occasion, Nike kicked off their first Air Max Worldwide, a first-of-its-kind immersive virtual experience that spanned the globe. 

You can access the live event here.

In Dubai, MILLE celebrated the event by inviting some of the region’s coolest sneaker enthusiasts to explore everything from their most treasured pairs to what being an Arab, female sneakerhead is really like. 

Engy Mahdy, founder and designer of the label One and Four Studio, known as a pioneering force in the region’s movement towards sustainability, brought along her favourite pair of Vapormax 2020 made of 60% recycled materials. 

“This one’s special to me”, she says in the video. Indeed, after sending an email requesting their unused fabrics, Mahdy collaborated with Nike Middle East upon the sneaker’s release, creating a series of masks and totes that were made of recycled materials from football jerseys. 

Mahdy was joined by DJ and creative consultant Parvané Barret to celebrate Air Max Day, breaking down exactly how she styles her favourite pairs and how sneakers hunting is predominantly a male oriented hobby. Samia Boumediene, co-founder of frequent Nike collaborator and Dubai’s biggest sneaker customization business Waxfeller, sat alongside Mahdy and Barret to discuss the evolution of sneaker culture in the region, for women in particular. 

The sentiment was shared by talent and artist manager Shamis Ali, whose love for sneakers came from iconic music videos and was even more enhanced by the community in the UAE while she was working at Sole DXB.

Meanwhile, Rawdha Thani, founder of Emirati Abaya brand illi, advocated her love for one of the freshest trends coming out of modest wear: pairing sneakers with Abayas. Following the growth of female collectors in the region, Thani even invested in shoes that were not her size for the love of their design, and explains why she loves to match her nails to her shoes. 


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Photos and videos by Lughass.

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